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I steer clear from Times Square as much as I can. However there are days or nights when I walk the 1 block to this location and am in AWE that this is where I live. Then a group of tourists runs my foot over with a suburban stroller and I have to wait for 3000 people to snap pictures before I can get down the street.


The Quest for Nachos… Ongoing

If I could eat one food for the rest of my life and never gain a pound it would be nachos. Any form of chips and cheese works for me. NYC has HORRIBLE mexican food- but with so many bars there has to be good nachos right?

I found them in December- Professor Thom’s… a Michigan Bar…They are 9 bucks and they serve them on a PIZZA TRAY!

Honorable Mentions go to the following:
* Marriott Marquis-  17 bucks- 8th floor Time Square Bar

*Social- Hells Kitchen- amazing Chicken… great drinks- watch a Squash Game.

* Rattle N’ Hum; Midtown AND a University of Washington Bar. Great Cheese

*Tortilla Flats: West Village- bad nachos but AMAZING chips and Salsa.

*Duane Read-4 dollar bag of Dorritos, 6 dollar bag of shredded cheese, 5 dollar salsa… you helped me many a night old friend.

Ahh so this is where those extra 7 pounds came from…

Damn you cupcakes on every corner! My favorite has to be the ones near my house that have coconut on them.. or the PB&J cupcake from Crumbs in Hoboken…

Nothing Like A Fight With A Russian – August 2010

The homesickness started I think as soon as I moved in and the visitors stopped. I had 2 weeks by myself before I headed back to Seattle for a three week trip. I began to question my decision. So I turned to an old friend- the Marriott Marquis. Home of many a famous boondoggle (code name for a fake recruiting trip) and amazing 17 dollar drinks and nachoes in their 8th floor times square bar.

One night, a Sunday I believe, I was working on my laptop talking to Keffie and this Russian guy FREAKED out! Long story short he tried to have me kicked out for talking to loud in a bar. I stood my ground and it felt like the scene of a wonderful movie when I heard someone say “Hey who called the cops”!! Free dinner and drinks for me the rest of the night!! VICTORIOUS!!

Best View In Town – July 2010

I have been to numerous famous places in NYC– I was lucky enough to visit as a teenager and can recall CRYING inside the statue of liberty at age 14 (Yeah thats how I roll). Top of the Rock, the ferries, you name it. But there is something so amazing about the top of the empire state building.

Go at night. Go at 1:00 am in the morning. They let you stay up there for a long time (its cold and windy) but the view- something I will always remember.

Call Me a Mets Fan… July 2010

I hate the yankees. I hate their players. I hate their fans. I hate the ticket prices that are jacked  up on stubhub.  But you HAVE to go to a game in the new Yankee Stadium– its amazing! And pricey… Did I mention pricey?

One of the things that I remember about that night was riding the subway home. These drunk guys asked me where I was from – because they could “sense” i wasn’t from around these parts. Perhaps it was the subway map i was holding.. perhaps it was the blond hair and tan I had. Or the look of fear when the token guy comes thru with a Dunkin Donuts cup saying “Attention this will only take a minute of your time”…. Still 9 months later people say the exact same thing.. perhaps west coast is a scent I will never be able to wash off? Its probably because I smile alot (but no more subway maps!!!) WOOO HOOO!!

Shoot The Freak – July 2010


Nothing says Sex in the City more than a trip to Coney Island. Amazing place- first went their with my parents. We took the subway in search of water… any type of water. We found it.. but I dont think I would ever set FOOT in it.

People not wearing bathing suits yet fully clothed swimming… err.. wading in the grossest water Ive ever seen. Highlights included riding the Cylone- such a rickity coaster, eating Nathan’s Hot Dogs – hey you have to, and watching people shoot the freak.. which is a boardwalk game that is literally as it sounds… Thanks Brooklyn!!!

This is no Papa Murphys – July 2010

I am a total hype person. Anything thats reviewed, or supposed to be amazing I want to see. I secretly tell my friends I am against things like that – but its sort of like telling everyone you voted for Obama when really you voted for McCain… shhh..

Top of the hype chain in NYC is Grimaldi’s Pizza- just under the Brooklyn Bridge. Nothing like waiting 2 hours in line in the middle of the day on a Tuesday to squash yourself next to people you dont know to pay cash for pizza.

Totes worth it.

Choo Choo! July 2010

Everytime I go into Grand Central I always feel like that YouTube video is going to happen where everyone stops dead in their tracks… Maybe it happened in this pic… who knows!!!

Gossip Girl Here.. I’ll Never Tell – July 2010

Took advantage of the hot summer and played tourist… next few posts will be some of my favorite spots I visited while I was “working”…

This was the Boathouse Cafe in Central Park… many famous movies and scenes have been filmed here.