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Cipriani! April 2011

OMG- I have read about Cirpriani down in Soho in various magazines and walked by it numerous times. Its beyond swank- and super pricey. Ali and I were on a walk- more or less dressed homeless.. and I offered to take us in there. We had the MOST AMAZING meal! The cheapest appetizer was 28 dollars – it was cheese and ham (called something fancier of course) but i ate it like I was starved. We also had a 12 dollar BOTTLE of water.

The best was Ali’s martini. She went to the bathroom and when she was gone her drink was delivered. Ali came back to the table and was like “wheres my drink”… it was 20 bucks and was the size of a thimble.



Visitors! Here comes Lilo! April 2011

My dear friend Ali (who we call Lilo for a story that shant be mentioned on this blog) came to visit near the end of April. I took the subway out to Newark (I VOWED no more Jersey- but alas the things I do for friends). We had a great great time!

Ali is fantastic because we love doing the same things. Celebrity stalking, karaokee, walking, talking, eating, shows- its all great.

Some highlights…

1. Trying to win tickets to Book of Mormon- they have a ticket raffle- they called the name Ali Christensen and we both had a slight heart attack,

2. Walking down to SoHo– eating amazing food… then ending up meeting a series of rando’s at the bars- including a guy we named C-Train, a homeless Robert Downey Junior, and then some.

3. Bar Centrale and meeting her adorable friend Bre.

4. Just gossiping and laughing.. for hours and hours.

5. A three hour karaokee session at Sing Sing (clearly I have an MO)

Times Square Dance Break! April 2011

No one is dancing- but I realized that over the past 10 months I have become a hater of Times Square. The crowds, the strollers, the people taking pictures.

But there are days that it just takes my breath away with how BIG it is.

I can remember being 14 years old, staying at the Marriott Marquis and seeing it for the first time. I thought that if I could I would live right smack in the MIDDLE of it. I will never forget that feeling. I had it again all month- just looking up and thinking- wow- I am so far away from home, by myself. I did it. And then I get stuck walking behind 2 tourists from the Netherlands who stop to take a picture of the Bubba Gump shrimp and the moment is over.

Lincoln Center – April 2011

I haven’t seen anything in Lincoln Center yet- its on my list but I just cant get into opera or ballet. Im cultured- but not enough.

However I do love walking by it at night. Oh I saw Black Swan! I snuck in a bottle of sprite with vodka in it and watched it in the times square theater that had bed bugs. So yeah.. i guess ive been there.

Flowers!! Finally- April 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers. It has rained more here in March and April than it EVER does in Seattle. I spotted these flowers starting to grow in the park- flowers and plants are rare here- and they pop out so brightly when you do see them you feel like you have to snap a thousand pics before they go away.

King of the Hippies!

There is this funny episode of South Park that is beyond tasteless… they are supposed to read Catcher in the Rye and the boys aren’t sure why it caused someone to kill John Lennon. Cartman makes some speech like “Its awesome- this book made someone kill the king of the hippies”… so terrible,

I am a huge Beatles fan and there is a lovely area and tribute to John Lennon up by 72nd and CPW.  The Strawberry Fields and a sundial that says Imagine. The Dakota- where he was shot- is also the most amazing building. There is always a flame burning there- which I think is a lovely tribute to a genius performer (not much for his politics though.. oh Cartman)..

Oh Central Park I will Miss you most of All

So the countdown for the farewell tour of NYC has begun. It started a few weeks ago when Keff and Chris came to down- and its been slowly moving towards 2 dates. May 11- which will be my last day by myself and  May 15- the day I get on the plane. The weather in April has been hit or miss- but at any sign of a nice warm day I hit the town. I love walking thru Central Park the most. I finally walked all the way to the top of it- near 112th. Not much up there but the ghetto. Had to use the bathroom really bad and was scared and ran 20 blocks to a Whole Foods on Columbus and 97th. Thank goodness for the burbs.

And this is as close as I will get – April 2011

One of my worst memories of childhood had to be when my dad forced me to climb up to the crown of the Statue of Liberty. I hated it. However I love a good walk- and the walk to the Statue of Liberty is exactly 4 miles each way- and its a fun walk- you go thru every good neighborhood. I decided to make the walk one sunny day. My parents are scheduled to come out to visit and help me make my final move (GASP) on May 11- May 15. Out of panic the other day I checked to see if there were any tickets available to go and get up that crown. Luckily there were none. Sorry dad- next time. I will take you to a gift shop and we can look at the crown from there.

I would NEVER live here! April 2011

I was really excited to introduce Keff and Chris to Justin (and of course for Keff to see Luke again). We all went out to Luke’s apartment at good old 2FS and had a few drinks. Then we went to a party in.. wait for it.. the FINANCIAL district! (It really wasn’t that bad– super nice apartment).

Highlights of this night included.

1. Luke saying as we were walking towards Seaport Harbor “Is this evben a street?”

2. Justin saying LOUDLY before we walked in “I would NEVER live here- like EVER..please dont judge me on this party”.

3. Keffie being OBSESSED with a guy she thought looked like George Clooney.

4. Going to Bedlam, Anderson Cooper’s boyfriend’s bar and dancing on the pooltable and looking at the crazy velvet photos of Kim Jung Ill and Robert Blake

5. Coming back to my apartment for a 4 am dance party and karaokee session- Justin trying to sing “Black Velvet” and literally only knowing the words “Black Velvet” then asking to sing it again.

A great NYC night with great friends.

Empire State of Mind – April 2011

Keff Chris and I had too much Jameson and decided we would be the last 3 people up at the top of the Empire State Building. Keffie FLIPPED out- it was so funny- she wouldn’t go outside. I snapped the best picture of her. I was chatting it up with the elevator operators- asking how many people get proposed to and decline. Its more than you think. Now that has to be a long ass elevator ride down to the ground floor.