I would NEVER live here! April 2011

I was really excited to introduce Keff and Chris to Justin (and of course for Keff to see Luke again). We all went out to Luke’s apartment at good old 2FS and had a few drinks. Then we went to a party in.. wait for it.. the FINANCIAL district! (It really wasn’t that bad– super nice apartment).

Highlights of this night included.

1. Luke saying as we were walking towards Seaport Harbor “Is this evben a street?”

2. Justin saying LOUDLY before we walked in “I would NEVER live here- like EVER..please dont judge me on this party”.

3. Keffie being OBSESSED with a guy she thought looked like George Clooney.

4. Going to Bedlam, Anderson Cooper’s boyfriend’s bar and dancing on the pooltable and looking at the crazy velvet photos of Kim Jung Ill and Robert Blake

5. Coming back to my apartment for a 4 am dance party and karaokee session- Justin trying to sing “Black Velvet” and literally only knowing the words “Black Velvet” then asking to sing it again.

A great NYC night with great friends.


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