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…Like A Light Switch You Turn It Off – April 2011

Keff, Chris and I saw one of the most amazing musicals I have EVER SEEN! It was just that good. It was called the Book of Mormon and it was written by Matt Stone and Trey Parker- the wonderfully saucy South Park creators. Keff and Chris and I are huge fans of South Park- we sadly have ever episode memorized. Like every episode. We have been waiting and waiting for this for a few years. We saw it a week after it opened. 4th row center. Jimmy Fallon was sitting behind us. It had the most amazing story- and musically it was up there with Les Miz and Wicked.  The story is about these 2 nineteen year old missonairies- one is like a golden boy and the other is totally a Chris Farley knock off. They get paired together to go on their 2 year mission. The golden boy is holding out for.. wait for it.. ORLANDO! Instead they get Africia and its totally not the Lion King 🙂 The story is great because even though they bash on religion its really not bashing- the message is clear- religion is stories- and if it helps you and gets you thru the day and makes you a better person then who cares- go for it.

I will see this again!


Houseguests!! WOO HOO! April 2011

And houseguests with amazing timing! Shortly after I quit Keffie and Chris came to town to stay with me for three nights and 4 days- they flew into teh city on a redeye and was soo good to see them! I greeted them with donuts and bagels from 2 of my favorite places and then we were off and runnning.

Day 1 consisted of Eating, Drinking, going to PJ Clarkes on the east side (solid food but pricey), shopping, taking a nap, watching south park, going to Social for more food and Jameson shots, and then Sing Sing  karaokee- I may have recorded us singing Oh Sherrie…ooops!!>


All Right All Right I Give In – April 2011

Everyone in NYC is obsessed with this place called Shake Shack. Apparently there used to be one open and it was so busy it had a webcam next to it – so you could monitor the lines. SHEESH! Its like Californians and their weird obsession with In and Out (not a fan- I prefer the Whopper). So finally I tried  it- had a cheeseburger, shake (which was on point) and the cheese fries. Pretty good. I like Mike’s Deli behind my apartment – turkey burger and fry combo for 6.15. Does the trick.

But the 100 people who stand in line next to the strip club every hour can’t be wrong… can they?

Natural History Museum – April 2011

I spent the first part of April keeping myself busy- going on long walks when it wasnt raining, trying out new places to eat, people watching.

I finally got some culture and went to the Natural History Museum! It is sooo cool! The exhibit was all about the brain- it didnt answer any questions for me- in fact it caused me to be more in tune with myself! NOOOOO! Thats not what I need at all! Bring me a drink now!

Is that a Richmond Spiders Hat? April 2011

I went to a bar near my place to watch the basketball tourneyment. Kansas was still in it and I wanted to see them lose beyond BELIEF! Suck it TY!

The night before the game I went to this bar by my house called Smith;s. It was kind of a dive bar about 2 blocks away. I had a burger and a few drinks and this old guy sat down next to me. He was wearing a spider on his hat. Kansas was going to be playing the Richmond SPIDERS the next day so I leaned over to him and said “go Richmond”. And he’s like “what”? Your hat I said.. you are a Richmond fan. He was like “sweetie Im in the musical spiderman”.. Whoopsie!!! Anyways – His name was Michael M and he was nominated for a Tony for Kiss Me Kate, and was in Fools Gold. Anyhoo we talked for 2 hours about theater, the shows, who sucks in hollywood. And then he offered to WALK ME HOME. Um no… fail.. I took a pretend phone call, told him I had to go and he offered me free tickets to the worst show in town. All in all – a successful night!

Fun side note! The next day I decided to go to another bar to actually watch the Kansas game- I ended up in the Village at this place called “Resouvir”… its a Pittsburgh bar. Had the most amazing soft pretzles and watched Richmond knock off the best team in the country! Score one for old JG!

Its starting to warm up! April 2011

I can finally stop wearing these!!

Ode to Microsoft

Since I was going to a competitor there wasn’t much time for me to write the normal “mushy” goodbye mail that people write when they are leaving a company- sort of like a breakup letter to your job. I wasn’t able to say thanks to some people so I figured I would write my farewell MSFT email on here instead. It might get a little sappy- but I am going to not over think it and say exactly what I would have said. Keeping in mind this gets sent out to the whole team- its not one of those “i won the lotto and the following people are bitches email”…. maybe in a few years when my stock cashes out I can send version 2.0. Until that- girl needs references..

Wow- I cant believe its been almost 6 years in good old buildings 19, 111 and for the past 10 months- some really lame cubicle on the 6th floor where no one knows who I am.

I have learned so much from this job I dont think I could even list it all out. Instead I will keep it light and funny – as thats what you have come to expect from me over the years.

I started off on this team as a goof. Jenn and I shared the smallest office on the team and then a few months later the largest-  that we named teh dorm room. We hung pennants that we asked for FREE from all of our schools, and Im pretty sure we had a lava lamp and a shag carpet. Because CLEARLY that is what a dorm room in modern times looks like.

Jenns side was organized and mine was a mess- like hoarders but with resumes. Some things never change. I still hoard those babies- my currency on this team.

I started off on National (still the most amazing team) and rememeber how I had to do  direct placement CCI’s my first week on the job… yeah- that is always a smart idea. The team embraced me and I loved it. I loved the travel, the road shows I would go on, how passionate and smart people were, and how much dang fun it was. Moving from National to MCS was a challenege but at the end of the day a candidate is a candidate- and truth be told- I just hoarded those resumes too 🙂

I believe so much in this team and what you all do. That is what made my decision to difficult. Had I stayed I would have stayed for the wrong reasons- it would have been for all of you and not for me.

I have a million favorite memories, and have cried more times in manager meetings that I would like to count. Some favorites include:

1. The old national team board games and the day we all wore red wigs to a morale event because we were red headed step children (so true).

2. Reno- Day 1- being on East playing games and for some reason thinking it made sense to play charades while standing in a bathtub. I can still see the picture in my mind of Keith laughing so hard he looked like he may fall over and Rani covering her mouth as she laughed till she peed 🙂

3. The pranks we have played- sandbagging Jeremys office, covering Jared’s office in pictures of him dresses as an 80’s rapper.

4. The late night gossip sessions where we order dinner in and talk about.. well everything and everyone. I think more problems get solved in those meetings than any other time.

5. The first recruiting trip of the year- nothing beats it- I still get nervous thinking about giving an MTC_ like I just wont know what to say 🙂

6. All of the people and friends and FAMILY I have made. I have found a sister in dear Trish, amazing friendships with Catie, Meaghan, Kim, Heidi, Becky,- I love laughing with you gals, great times with Erik and Raquel in the summers- Ben you nearly made me an alcoholic one year at the Great Nabob. Tera- I met you on my first week on the job- Im so glad we hired you!! Jeremy- you have been the best manager a girl could ask for- not sure what we ever talk about in our one on ones, but they are always fun. Gramley- without you I never would have made it to new york, or had the confidence to feel like I belonged on MCS. also I never would have had this amazing apartment covered in thermoses.

To everyone else you are all great! I will greatly enjoy taking your top candidates next year 🙂 KIDDING!!!

Love you guys!


A Lady Who Lunches – April 2011

Well Im unemployed. Now what? Lets make sure I have enough Xanaz on hand to get thru the quiet times.

I have never taken a vacation from work longer than 1 week. And now I have 6 weeks by myself in a city where I can get overwhelmed very quickly.

I decided to look at this as a gift. Im single, Im fun, Ive got money in my pocket- so I am going to do every single thing I want to do. Is this different than what I had been doing you might ask yourself for the past year? Not really- the only difference is I dont have Outlook email to check.

Oh outlook- how I miss thee. My hotmail account with viagra spam just isn’t the same. Time to get all Carrie Bradshaw on this town….

Unemployed Bitches!! – April 2011

I did it. I quit my job. I  gave Facebook verbal acceptance on Friday April Fools Day (good lord) and spent next few days working on gettng all of my files in order so that when I did quit everything would be easy for the next person. First I had to call Trish. That was  hard call to make. I called her and she cried. Luckily I had sort of run out of tears from my breakup with Ty so I was able to hold it together- but she was real happy for me which made me happy. I had decided I was going to give notice in a week.

Plans changed and my manager Jeremy went on vacation– so I had to make a move. On that Tuesday I woke up real early and mailed every resume I had in my apartment back out to my amazing recruiting partner Becky. It weighed 28 lbs. Check. I went into the office, where Is still had boxes packed- and took what I could that actually belonged to me. Check. Then the call. I called Jeremy at 7 am his time. I left him a message and then I sat in a phone room and waited. And waited. And waited. He never called back. So I called his office and he answered. And then I told him. I think he was shocked. He said he was proud of me, but that we would fight this, and then tried to line up a million people for me to talk to. I told him it was too late- although I hadnt signed anything I was 100 percent sure. I had to take a few more calls and not be talked into staying. And then 4 hours after I gave notice I was out the door- unemployed. WOW.

I walked myself over to the Westway Diner and ordered a vodka soda, fries, a plate of spinach and bean soup. Random yes. I couldn’t believe it was done!

I guess the team freaked out- I received calls from most of the people I was close with who were upset, or sad, or happy and sad. It actually made me feel good- and it felt good to go out on top. On a high. I would reccomend the next time I quit i do it this way again.  This was April 5th. My start date at Facebook was May 23. What on EARTH was I going to do for the next 6 weeks? Holy Crap!

JG in a New City? April 2011

March came and went– Thank goodness for March. Had I not gone on 3 trips, seen my family and friends, went to Vegas, I think I would have become an alcoholic who gets addicted to some terrible show like Hoarders or something. When I came back to NYC I was playing a waiting game. I knew that I had received an offer to be a manager for Facebook!! Let me rewind a bit. The interview process sort of came upon me. They were patient, I was patient, and waited to interview until I was ready. The interview was on a Friday morning before I flew back up to seattle. It was the day of the Japanese tsunami and earthquake. There were warnings of tsunamis in the bay area. Lovely. I made the drive down to Palo Alto and nervously ate a Jack in the Box breakfast sandwich in my rental car while I listened to the radio. I think I was 90 minutes early. The FB headquarters look like they are in the house where the Brady Bunch lives. Everyone works in these hippie community type desks.. no walls… no privacy. How will I trash talk?!  That was like 80 percent of my day in Redmond.

The interview didn’t feel like an interview at all- it felt like talking whcih I loved. It only lasted 2 hours. I knew I nailed it. It felt so natural. And then Ginny took me to lunch. Oh God.. the lunches.. all the food is FREE! That would save me like 60 dollars a day alone 🙂

I called my parents from the parking lot- it was a gorgeous day and I more or less told them if the offer was fair I would take it. I want that stock. And strangely- I think I would be taking this job so other people wouldn’t get it. I know that sounds bizarrre- but its at least a way to make a decision.

I came home to Olympia and saw my grandma and kept the news of the interview a secret. 48 hours later I got the call- 20 minutes after I had my performance review at Microsoft. Oh god. Decision Time.

Even though this blog is about my adventures in NYC I feel like I should remind myself what was important to me  in choosing between what was old and safe and new and scary;

1. Microsoft: They have been beyond amazing. I have been there nearly 6 years and they have given me everything I want.. whether it be projects, school sets, where I live. They were the company that allowed me to move out here. I work from home. My old manager is my landlords brother for goodness sake.  I am beyond loyal.

2. Facebook: Its cool. Its in the news. Its smaller. I could manage people. I could be a leader from the start. Free food, a new city, new teammates, new adventures. I think they have amazing people who work there- and although Im not completely sold on the longevity of their product I believe they foster enough fun and collaboration to keep coming up with new things. Did I mention free food?  🙂

It was an easy decision. The hard part would be saying good bye to Microsoft… and to New York.