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La Vie Boeheme…

I was walking in SoHo and the Lower East Side/East Village (which is sooo cute) thru Avenues A, B and C–areas I hadn’t really explored and I randomly walked by a cute bar called “Life Cate”. I thought to myself- why do I know what that is… I looked it up real fast and DUH! It was the bar made famous in the Musical/Movie Rent! It is where Jonathan Larson wrote the musical and where they had the famous scene where they were dancing on the tables! Yummy hummus, I saw the long table. Score!

The Bathroom had graffitti in it.. so I took a Rent-esque photo of myself as proof 🙂

Love the motto out front- ENJOY LIFE.. EVERY DAY!


The Halal Guys

OMG- Street Meat. Finally! Last week in NYC I finally tried this. I was on yelp and did a search of the places that had the highest reviews. The Halal Guys was in the top 5. OMG.. its amazing. They serve plates of chicken, lamb, rice and whitesauce but only from 7 pm to 4 am. I waited in this glorious line… and it was worth every bite. I think there was crack in it. It was on the corner of 53 and 6th… AMAZING!! I made myself a vodka drink, ate that plate of food and talked on the phone w/ Trish. What a great last “alone” night in NYC.

30 Rock

30Rock is my favorite show on TV. I love Rockefeller Center, I love Tina Fey, I LOVE Alec Baldwin. I think coming here I felt more like a Liz Lemon than a sex in the City character. I would say that I came here 90%  Liz, 10% SATC. I think I am leaving 70/30!!! WOOO HOO!!

Liz Lemon for life baby!!

Can I Have a Side of Bread With My Bread?

Food plug! The most amazing sandwich, soup and bread place is 4 blocks from my apartment. It is called Amy’s Bread and they have a line morning noon and night.

It smells amazing and I had the most perfectly lovely lunch there. Tomato soup, a grilled brie sandwich, and an orange vanilla cookie.


Picture shown before it went into my BELLY!

Ugh- A Relationship Graveyard

One of the most amazing things about NY is there is so much to do. The bars, the activties, EVERYTHING! It is the most AMAZING place to go on dates. You can literally walk out of your apartment and your date locations are lined up for you.

The downside of this is you constantly pass places that evoke memories. The bar that Ty and I went to in our first date is 4 blocks away from my apartment, and I must pass it everyday. I remember how nervous I was for that date, and how it still stands as my best first date ever. I was flying back from Seattle and the flight was delayed, and then we had to circle the airport, and then it was raining. I was 6 hours late. I can remember every detail from that night from where we sat, to what we ate. I was so nervous my hands were shaking.

Its tough to walk by it I am not gonna lie. Its tough the way things ended.. how I KNOW I’m right in this matter and how stupid and stubborn he is being. None the less-  I feel sorry for people who can’t move on, or can’t see the flaws in themselves without taking it personally. We tried the “lets talk” route but it just didn’t work. He is mad at me, and he has no idea how truly mad I am at him. It just was a big waste. He will end up sorry in the end though… miserable and alone. I will be fine. I know that. It still feels like a big failure though- and tugs at the heartstrings.

So Mercury Bar- I am very glad I wont have to see you anymore, you stubborn ole bastard.

On My Own – May 11, 2011

Tuesday was the last day I had on my own before my parents and Terese and Tim come to town. I have been moving boxes of crap to the fedex in a shopping cart and it was a LOVELY DAY! So i did what any new yorker would do- eat, drink and walk!

I can’t believe my parents are coming to take me away. I am so glad that I did this experience- I am going to miss it tremendously- however I am ready to go.

As I was walking home from buying my second to last pair of shoes I took some amazing pictures of my beautiful city… 4 more nights JG.. 4 more nights.

Temporary Home- May 8, 2011

I went to my last mass at St. Joe’s last night- and I was fairly emotional. I think the moving, the packing, the running around has taken its toll and now I am finally realizing I am starting a whole new adventure and chapter in my life.

I am really glad I found that church- it is nice to go somewhere and give my problems to someone else.  I also always treat myself to a nice meal after- as a reward- God would approve 🙂

The priest that I normally like wasn’t delievering the service and I was kinda bummed.. but older guy was there. He is usually more preechy than the younger guy.. but I was so moved by what he said.

He talked about the fact that he knew people who used to wear those WWJD (what would Jesus do) bracelets- and how we shouldnt ask what would Jesus do but what I do to keep him strong and in my life– as we cant mirror what he did. Then he talked about a Carrie Underwood song that I had never heard of- titled “Temporary Home”

I know he was referencing it to being on Earth and then in Heaven.. but it really overwhelemed me in a good way as I can relate to it from my adventures in NY and now moving to SF… I started to cry and it made me very calm at the same time…

This is my temporary home
It’s not where I belong.
Windows and rooms
that I’m passin’ through.
This is just a stop, on the way to where I’m
I’m not afraid because I know this is my
Temporary Home.

Temporary Home

I know What My Wedding Cake Will Taste Like…

I am not a sweet person- you couldn’t tell from this blog that was titled JG IN the City- it should now be JG Eats the City, or JG is a Fatty.

I purchased something called crack pie… it was pretty good- I wouldn’t eat it again. I also purchased birthday cake truffles. 3 of the in a little baggie for 5 dollars from Milk Bar.

I ate them last night. OMG. I see why there were only 3.. best sweet I have ever had. It tasted like raw cookie dough mixed with rice krispies and bday cake batter. There are no words.

No Words.

… The Search Is Over

I have found the best burger I have ever eaten. Westville East- on Avenue A and 11th. It was a turkey burger served on a poruguese english muffin… with gouda cheese. It needed no sauce. AMAZING! They had the most amazing fresh veggie sides though- the asparagus was incredible.

I want it for lunch and reckon I may walk down there and get it again.. it was just that good.

Thanks for the reccomendation Luke! Best ever. Even beats out regular burgers.

Carb Up! We are running a race!

No race. Maybe a race to gain weight.I win! I came in first!! I love carbs though. I had forgotten how much I loved bread. I can’t believe I ever did Atkins back in college. Oh wait- its because I love cheese.

Why can’t someone create a diet where you just eat cheese and carbs… hmmm… note to self…

While in NYC one must eat bagels. They are very different than west coast bagels. you can’t order them toasted. If you do people get pissed. They are also bigger and chewier. They have the most amazing cream cheese though.

Best bagel was from Murrays Bagels in Chelsea. The everything bagel was amazing…I never tried H&H Bagels- such a tourist trap.. 🙂