Ugh- A Relationship Graveyard

One of the most amazing things about NY is there is so much to do. The bars, the activties, EVERYTHING! It is the most AMAZING place to go on dates. You can literally walk out of your apartment and your date locations are lined up for you.

The downside of this is you constantly pass places that evoke memories. The bar that Ty and I went to in our first date is 4 blocks away from my apartment, and I must pass it everyday. I remember how nervous I was for that date, and how it still stands as my best first date ever. I was flying back from Seattle and the flight was delayed, and then we had to circle the airport, and then it was raining. I was 6 hours late. I can remember every detail from that night from where we sat, to what we ate. I was so nervous my hands were shaking.

Its tough to walk by it I am not gonna lie. Its tough the way things ended.. how I KNOW I’m right in this matter and how stupid and stubborn he is being. None the less-  I feel sorry for people who can’t move on, or can’t see the flaws in themselves without taking it personally. We tried the “lets talk” route but it just didn’t work. He is mad at me, and he has no idea how truly mad I am at him. It just was a big waste. He will end up sorry in the end though… miserable and alone. I will be fine. I know that. It still feels like a big failure though- and tugs at the heartstrings.

So Mercury Bar- I am very glad I wont have to see you anymore, you stubborn ole bastard.


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