May 12 – The Family has Landed!

Identical to the way I started my journey to NYC, with my parents in tow, I ended it the same way. My mom, dad, Aunt Terese and Uncle Tim were all scheduled to come in and help me “move” more or less… luckily I had finished the heavy lifting before they arrived. We had a lot planned for the 4 night stay. It was T&T’s first trip to the east coast- and I was really excited to show them around.

They flew in around 5 pm on a Wednesday, and I met them at the Marriott Marquis! It was really great to see them, however it was making me a bit emotional… I do admit.

Wednesday night was fairly lowkey- we had some drinks on the concerierge level of the Marriott hotel,  and then went to the Bourbon Street place on Restaurant Row.. it was pretty good food- Tim loved his Cosmo (yes, my logger uncle only drinks cosmo’s…its pretty funny).

Later that night T&T and I went and walked around Times Square. I took them up to the Top of the Rock and it was a great night for sightseeing.




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