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My Boys

It will be hard to say goodbye to NYC in just 1 week- but I am so thankful for Luke and Justin. They kept me so busy the past 3 months after the breakup with Ty. I wouldn’t have lasted this long with out them.

Love you boys and see you SOON! I will be back!

Not only did Luke do my hair but he showed me an amazing time, great people, and showed me what NYC is meant to BE! Live it to the fullest!

I came here having 1 amazing bestie and I am leaving with 2. Not many people can be so lucky!!



Bre and JG

I am really glad I met Ali’s friend Bre. Although it was near the end of my run it was fun having a girl around. She has some stories. Shes moved 28 times in 4 years- no joke- staying in some cities a MONTH!

Props to you Bre! Thanks for the company!

One Art Please! May 2011

I finally had a Carrie Bradshaw moment. Well Ive had lots of them, but they are usually sprinkled with Liz Lemon. I had a totall SATC evening.

Justin invited myself and Luke to the opening of the Robert Maplethorpe exhibit at the Sean Kelly Gallery. Fuu Fuu!!

It was a photography show that consisted of his photos as chosen by 1 person from every state. There was free beer and I wore all black. I chose my favorites. The pictures were.. unique. Half looked like flowers half looked like porn. Hmm.. interesting fellow.

Afterwards we walked along the HighLine (great BTW) and went to a VIP party at the Standard Hotel. We passed Mickey Rourke along the way.

I hobnobed with the elite, talking about the photos and eating fancy foie gras blt appetizers, sipping champagne.

After we ate at this amazing resteraunt- I guess it was Italian but there was no pasta on the menu. It was called Barbuto. My meatballs were 26 dollars and they were the size of 2 truffles… Oh Carrie- how did you pay for this on a writers salary!??

I heart NYC tonight.

The picture of a happy girl on her way home. A lovely last weekend hurrah…

Cinko De Drinko- May 5, 2011

I usually dont go out for drinking holidays- I celebrate more othodox. However I love me some nachos. And the weather was scheduled to be 70 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.

I had been telling Luke and the boys about the nachos at Professor Thoms FOREVER! They agreed that would be one of the bars we would hop to.

I met Luke and a friend out at the Tipsy Parson- a super cute bar on 9th and 15th. We had something called liquid sunshine and it was amazing. We moved onto Nisos, a greek place, and had the bartender make us Anirexic Margaraitas… Patron, Soda water, 4 limes, spelnda and a salted rim. It was gross- but did the drink. We sat outside and people watched and talked about dating and boys and all of the stuff that really matters in life.

Finally it was nacho time. We made our way over to Professor Thoms (Luke wasn’t even aware that 13th and 1st was a neighborhood) and entered the straight Boston sports bar. It was quite the site. We got our own table and waited for the others and Luke asked if we could change our own tv to Bravo or something less sporty. The waitress looked at us like we were from Mars.

When Justin arrived he asked the same thing.

AMAZING Nachos, amazing company. I am still full. I sure wish they had turned Bravo though – that I could have snapped a pic of.