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Carb Up! We are running a race!

No race. Maybe a race to gain weight.I win! I came in first!! I love carbs though. I had forgotten how much I loved bread. I can’t believe I ever did Atkins back in college. Oh wait- its because I love cheese.

Why can’t someone create a diet where you just eat cheese and carbs… hmmm… note to self…

While in NYC one must eat bagels. They are very different than west coast bagels. you can’t order them toasted. If you do people get pissed. They are also bigger and chewier. They have the most amazing cream cheese though.

Best bagel was from Murrays Bagels in Chelsea. The everything bagel was amazing…I never tried H&H Bagels- such a tourist trap.. 🙂


Crack Pie – May 2011

My food parade led me to a place called Milk where I ate something called Crack Pie. I guess its famous. Its pretty damn good.

Its an asian bakery, and one of their speciaties is Cereal Milk- where they literally run milk thru cereal then bottle the milk and serve it. Im not that Asian (nom nom) so I passed and instead ordered 1 slice of crack pie and 3 birthday cake truffles.

Shout out to the pacific rim- they make a mean dessert!

In Search of Chips and Dip (not from Duane Reade)- May 2011

My last full weekend – May 7-8th- I decided I was going to eat my way thru town. I woke up in the morning and ate an egg mcmuffin and a sausage breakfast burrito. Check. I layed around watching a real housewives marathon. That felt good.

I had to get out of the apartment though- I was feeling… fat 🙂 And I wanted to eat more. I found this bar called “the Redhead” in the Village – I guess- its on 13th and 1st. It apparently has the best appetizers. I called Bre to see if she wanted to come and she was game! We met up there… and OMG– best food EVER!

We ordered the chips and dip (which I am still thinking about today), the tater tots (best I ever had) and got free soft preztles. I will come back here for dinner w/ the rents, or the next time I am in town.

I am a ruffles and ghetto sourcream and onion soup mix gal- but these were hands down the best chips I ever had. And five bucks! What a steal!

Fun side note- on my walk down there I was on the phone w/ Terese when someone called my name. It was Andre- one of Lukes friends.. and he was in full drag- dressed up of course for the Kentucky Derby. First person to recognize me. A gay guy in a Derby Hat and dress.

I think it might be time to head home.

Another Babka?

There is a great Seinfeld episode where Elaine and Jerry are waiting at a bakery trying to buy something called Babka to bring to a party. Growing up on the west coast I had never heard of it. Its sort of like cake meets bread.. and its pretty damn good.

On my adventures in the Upper West Side I discovered the most AMAZING store- Zabars! Its this old Jewish (I think) deli, bakery, grocery store, diner, everything.

I could have spent 4 days in there. But I read that they have amazing BABKA! I found it and of course went with the more superior, the chocoloate. “Theres chocolate and theres CINNNAMON”. Minus the hair.

I ate half of it. It was so good I may freeze some and mail it back to Grams. She would like it – it reminds me of the Polish raisin bread she makes on Christmas.  Or I may freeze some, think Im going to mail it to her, and eat it while sleep walking.

Freebie Alert!

The hillbilly in me loves a deal. Even though I have blown thru paycheck after paycheck taking small bites of food and big gulps of drinks I still love me some freebies! Fill that purse gurl!

I have been hanging out alot in the Upper West Side (around Columbus Ave from 70th up to the Whole Foods on 97th) and although people dont seem to think its that exciting I really really like it up there.

I would live there if.. no read WHEN I move back to NYC someday. There are so many cute bars, the people seem nice, and a lot of good shopping.

I read about a place that had some high reviews on Yelp called Calle Ocho. Its a spanish/braziallian type place that serves amazing Sangria. Granted I hate sangria- it reminds me of Spody (no clue on spelling)- this mixture that guys would serve at Frat parties that was fruit and vodka in a bathtub.. more or less.

I ventured up to Calle Ocho with a few magazines and my Zune and thought I would try it out. They apparently have this amazing brunch that you have to book like 2 months in advance- its all of the Sangria you can drink on Saturdays and Sundays – um yes please.

I decided to order healthy and ate the most amazing Sea Bass. But the free bread. I later found out this place won “best free bread” in NYC (how can I vote in these polls!). It was kind of like corn bread and bean dip. I could have eaten it all day.

Can’t a Girl Get Some Almond Chicken in This B?

When I lived in Olympia we had the most amazingly white chinese food place- it was called Emporors Palace. Im pretty sure it was as white as Chinese Food could get. We would ALWAYS order the same thing: One order of chicken chow mein, white rice, and almond chicken.

If you haven’t had almond chicken then you didn’t live in a suberb. Its basically friend chicken strips with gravy on them. I have yet to see an almond. I actually think that if I ever DID see an almond in almond chicken I would have to send it back as I would believe it to be the wrong order.

I know NYC is famous for Chinatown, but please, Im from Olympia WA. I wanted white people food.

One night after church I decided to try out a place I had walked by and overheard a conversation-someone was saying its horrible american chinese. SOLD!

Suzie’s Resteraunt in the Village was just what the doctor ordered. It was nearly 20 lbs of food- but sadly no almond chicken. I had fried rice (amazing), General Tso’s (not as good as the stuff I used to get in high school from the Safeway with my best friend Sadie) and veggies- which I just threw away. Empty nutrients, you know?


The quest for the best burger continues. I finally tried Corner Bistro in Chelsea/the Village. I had been fearful because it is so popular (gosh I can tell Ive been here nearly a year- Im skeptical of things that have too many reviews on Yelp). Im such a beeyatch.

Its a cash only dive bar. The burger was 7.95. I ordered a burger and fries to go and sat quickly sipping a vodka soda in the middle of the day. I ate the burger in a park nearby. OMG. I had to slow myself down. It was amazing.

My next jaunt will take me to Westville West – which Luke claimed has the best burger in the city. He is white trash like me- I trust his taste.

Actual photo of burger…. Homer Simpson…..

Life Is Like A Box of Chocolates

If that were true then I would hope my life comes from Li- Lac Chococates in the Village.

AMAZING! My friend Ulyesses told me to go there one night- I could smell it as we walked by. I made the trek down there with the intention of buying some to keep for when my mom came to visit. I even bought dark chococate, which I hate.

A few late nights, and those candies in the freezer- forget about it. I will have to replenish before they arrive in 4 days. Sorry mom!

This photo doesn’t do the smell or taste justice. I should have taken a picture of me trying to button my jeans after eating them all.

Snookie In Hog Heaven

With a blog title like that one would assume this post is all about the Jersey Shore. I have been to the Jersey shore, in 2010, with my brother. We went in the winter.. it was damn cold, and the people there got mad at us for taking pics of that house.

This post is about pickles.

I went out with the boys one day and we ended up at this very chic bar in the Village called Joseph Leonard. It is a whole in the wall, but in lieu of pretzles or snacks at the bar for free they have jars and jars of free pickels. The tiniest, yummiest pickles ever.

Luke’s friend Hunter worked there- it is an Oyster bar and Hunter is hilarious. He told me this story about how he went out with Luke, Justin and Annie one night, and he got so wasted he peed his pants at the top of the Boom Boom Room. AWESOME. He took them off. Even better.

Snoookie would love this place- I dont think they would let her in though.

Fun fact- its also Madonnas favorite resteraunt in the city. We missed her by 1 night. She was there with her boy toy – she ordered raw macro bs food and he ordered fries. I dont think they were even on the menu. Ahh to be a cougar.

Screw you Madonna.. back to the free pickles…

Fatty Alert- Look to the COOKIE!!!

Time for a fatty break! Most amazing donuts— the DONUT Pub on west 14th street in Chelsea. Four words: RED VELVET CAKE DONUT…

It smelled amazing in there…it looked like an old school diner and it was just row after row of donuts. Total Homer Simpson moment…

Thank goodness I walk everywhere- I wouldn’t fit up the stairs. This place also had the BEST BEST BEST Black and White Cookie- like ever- like top 3 cookies i have ever eaten…..drool…

I have a feeling since I have 1 month left this is going to turn into an ode to food and drink blog.. fine by me.. Bring it on Fatty!