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And on the 40th day- he created Nachos! April 2011

Since I am going to church and felt that I should give up something for Lent I decided to give up the hardest thing. My ex.. KIDDING!! 🙂 Thats what I SHOULD have done.. darn it Janelle.

Anyways- I gave up chips, dip, salsa and nachos. Not an easy feat. I lasted all 40 days. I was tempted on day 39. Ali and I randomly walked into a bar and it was MEXICAN. She ordered guacamole and chips. I asked for veggies but they said no. I asked for a tortilla (a catholic stretch.. no lectures please) and they still said no.

The big guy was watching out for me. I ate it with a spoon. Here is my resistance photo as proof.

On Easter Sunday my lovely family meal consisted of Baked Doritos, salsa, sour cream, and cheese. It was AMAZING!! I am writing this in my blog but I plan to go back on the Lent fast when i join facebook-so I dont gain the facebook 50, or whatever it is up to these days. I need to check the stock price to see how many lbs I am most likely to gain.


Cipriani! April 2011

OMG- I have read about Cirpriani down in Soho in various magazines and walked by it numerous times. Its beyond swank- and super pricey. Ali and I were on a walk- more or less dressed homeless.. and I offered to take us in there. We had the MOST AMAZING meal! The cheapest appetizer was 28 dollars – it was cheese and ham (called something fancier of course) but i ate it like I was starved. We also had a 12 dollar BOTTLE of water.

The best was Ali’s martini. She went to the bathroom and when she was gone her drink was delivered. Ali came back to the table and was like “wheres my drink”… it was 20 bucks and was the size of a thimble.