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The Colbert Report (the R’s are silent)

I am always looking for a free filming to go to.  I had tickets to Wendy Williams, and the Nate Berkus show- but apparently that takes like 5 hours to film. And Im not really sold on it. I read somewhere that Colbert gives same day tickets away. The Daily Show would have been AMAZING, but I think you need to know a Jewish person in the industry to get those tickets 🙂

I went on the website one afternoon and they had 6 tickets available. I got all dolled up, walked in the rain and stood outside with a very small studio audience.

They had a funny comedian do stand up, and I got to sit in the second row! Stephen comes out not in character at first and answers audience questions. He is really funny.

I was hoping for a badass cool guest, like Alec Baldwin, or Bill O’Reilly. Instead I got some old balls Microsoft guy who wrote a 600 dollar cookbook. He was a jerk and yelled at Colbert about the segment afterwards…

I called my mom after wards and said some people sit at home and watch tv, others appear ON TV. Score one for old JG.


Another City Hall Day- April 2011

Went on another long walk. Unemployment is getting harder and harder to deal with. Ive found being outside calms my nerves. Central Park was amazing today….

These photos look fake. 80 degrees- not a cloud in the sky. This is how I will choose to remember NYC summers (not 102 degrees)— I hope…

I love that people just lay on the grass and fall asleep… I wish I could be that relaxed.

View from the Resiover (I know I spelled that wrong- its like a Green Lake near the top of the Park!) I made it all the way to the top that day!

Lounging on the Lawn…

The Cherry Blossoms in Bloom!

All Hail to the Queen!!

I have been doing a LOT of touristy things lately- stalking Glee cast members, eating my way thru the TOP TEN FOOD LISTS… taking 8 mile walks. I took a break from cramming food down my throat to join 3000 people in Times Square to celebrate the ROYAL WEDDING!

Let me be clear- I could care less about this wedding. Im a jaded single bitch living in NYC- I dont care about the royals. Or so I thought.

I was texting with mom around 5 am (guess she was having a late night in Olympia) and I decided to join the live telecast on the TLC channel in Times Square. I more less threw on a bra and pants and walked down there with sleep in my eyes and my bedtime glasses. Whoops. EVERYONE WAS DRESSED UP!

It was a full on party! People had noisemakers, hats, freebies. There were like 4 huge screens set up all around, a red carpet. I did admit I started to cry when I saw her dress, and when they were saying there vows.

Such a sappy dork. I will blame it on the move… Im getting emotional. Yes thats it.. the move.

Sound the bells! All hail to Catherine and William- Prince and Princess of something or other!!

Glee Stalking!!!! April 2011

I found the most amazing website the other day. It tells you where movies and tv shows are filming. How I didn’t know about this earlier… good grief!

Thru this site I saw that Glee was in town filmimg their sectionals episode. AMAZING! Day 1 I guess they were dancing on the Times Square Ticket Booth all day. 3 blocks away. FAIL.

Day 2 they were in Central Park. I woke up early and walked all the way up there. No such luck. Saw the trailers. Couldn’t find them. FAIL.

On my way back I checked this site on my phone and saw that the Glee cast might be on 44th and 8th. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Thats 1 block from my apartment. As I walked back from the park I literally passed the cast.

First Mr Shue and then the Preggo Cheerleader.


Since Im super cool I only took photos of the back…

I tracked them to the InterContinenal Hotel 2 blocks from my house where they were all fimling a scene. I waited with the other teen GLEEKS for 20 minutes. Saw a few more come out- including Lea Michele. She kind of looks like a Diva… but hey if I could sing like that I would stick my big nose in the air every chance I get. Work it out homely gurrrl!

Times Square Dance Break! April 2011

No one is dancing- but I realized that over the past 10 months I have become a hater of Times Square. The crowds, the strollers, the people taking pictures.

But there are days that it just takes my breath away with how BIG it is.

I can remember being 14 years old, staying at the Marriott Marquis and seeing it for the first time. I thought that if I could I would live right smack in the MIDDLE of it. I will never forget that feeling. I had it again all month- just looking up and thinking- wow- I am so far away from home, by myself. I did it. And then I get stuck walking behind 2 tourists from the Netherlands who stop to take a picture of the Bubba Gump shrimp and the moment is over.

Lincoln Center – April 2011

I haven’t seen anything in Lincoln Center yet- its on my list but I just cant get into opera or ballet. Im cultured- but not enough.

However I do love walking by it at night. Oh I saw Black Swan! I snuck in a bottle of sprite with vodka in it and watched it in the times square theater that had bed bugs. So yeah.. i guess ive been there.

Flowers!! Finally- April 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers. It has rained more here in March and April than it EVER does in Seattle. I spotted these flowers starting to grow in the park- flowers and plants are rare here- and they pop out so brightly when you do see them you feel like you have to snap a thousand pics before they go away.