Carb Up! We are running a race!

No race. Maybe a race to gain weight.I win! I came in first!! I love carbs though. I had forgotten how much I loved bread. I can’t believe I ever did Atkins back in college. Oh wait- its because I love cheese.

Why can’t someone create a diet where you just eat cheese and carbs… hmmm… note to self…

While in NYC one must eat bagels. They are very different than west coast bagels. you can’t order them toasted. If you do people get pissed. They are also bigger and chewier. They have the most amazing cream cheese though.

Best bagel was from Murrays Bagels in Chelsea. The everything bagel was amazing…I never tried H&H Bagels- such a tourist trap.. 🙂


But This is a Shop For LADIES!

Went shopping down in the Bowery- Super cute area- a ton of bars, great people watching. Walked into a clothing store that looked…eccentric.

I quickly noticed it was cheap, sort of hookerish clothing. Then I noticed it was full of guys.. shopping for drag…oh whoops!! Guess I didn’t see the note at the front of the store. I did notice that they had a downstairs that said “menswear”… maybe that is where I needed to look?

The best part about it was while I was walking out I spotted what appears to be hooker drag clothes for babies- kids! If you look closely you will see an average size leg in a stalking next to the 2 manniquins…wow! Baby shower ideas for all my friends!!

My Fridge Was Full Once in 10 months

Here is proof. It was before Keff and Chris came to town. To prove it to myself I took this photo. It has since been replaced with waters, 1 yogurt, salsa, and vodka.

Home Sweet Clean Home

My apartment- Spotless before houseguests arrive…. If only it always looked like this. I blame the fact that its not my stuff… yeah.. thats it.. not mine.

The reading table…

the walkway from the master bedroom to the view of the master kitchen.

The Master Bedroom

No Dishes!! Impressive

Cute oven..wished it worked…

My Run In With The Law- May 2011

I wish I had a badass story.. not today friend. I just took a self portrait in front of a cop car.. I think it turned out cute. LAME!!

NYC has improved my look… less california, more east coast. I look smarter… Or maybe I am smarter.. Confusious says… WHA?

My Boys

It will be hard to say goodbye to NYC in just 1 week- but I am so thankful for Luke and Justin. They kept me so busy the past 3 months after the breakup with Ty. I wouldn’t have lasted this long with out them.

Love you boys and see you SOON! I will be back!

Not only did Luke do my hair but he showed me an amazing time, great people, and showed me what NYC is meant to BE! Live it to the fullest!

I came here having 1 amazing bestie and I am leaving with 2. Not many people can be so lucky!!


Bre and JG

I am really glad I met Ali’s friend Bre. Although it was near the end of my run it was fun having a girl around. She has some stories. Shes moved 28 times in 4 years- no joke- staying in some cities a MONTH!

Props to you Bre! Thanks for the company!

St. Patricks Catherdal at Night – May 2011

To lovely to not snap a pic…


Lets Rethink This Purchase JG – May 2011

Do I really need 5 inch heels with platforms? Maybe?
Lets go with maybe… Id better keep them JUST IN CASE 🙂

Crack Pie – May 2011

My food parade led me to a place called Milk where I ate something called Crack Pie. I guess its famous. Its pretty damn good.

Its an asian bakery, and one of their speciaties is Cereal Milk- where they literally run milk thru cereal then bottle the milk and serve it. Im not that Asian (nom nom) so I passed and instead ordered 1 slice of crack pie and 3 birthday cake truffles.

Shout out to the pacific rim- they make a mean dessert!